Schedule: Plans, Activities, and Deadlines 

Week One

August 20 and 21 

Topic: Getting Started 


Folders: (8/20) You have 5 folders. Label each of them like this: 1) Class Administration; 2) Assignments; 3) Class Materials; 4) Grades; 5) The Next Day. Write your name somewhere on each of the folders. 

Printing:  (8/20) syllabus, outcomes, master vocabulary list

Printing: (8/21) vocabulary: place and location, spelling menu, spelling menu coversheet (6), Learning About Muncie Reading text

DO: (8/21) 1- translate vocabulary list (if you need to); 2- watch Learning About Muncie video and 3- read Learning About Muncie Reading text 

Week Two

August 25-28 


(1) Vocabulary - Place and Location;  

(2) IPA - introduction: Mr. Schwa, /a/ and /E/ 


Spelling List: Place and Location

Spelling Menu: (8/25) Print the spelling menu and 6 copies of the spelling menu coverpage.   Each week you will do ONE spelling menu assignment using the vocabulary list for that week. NOTE: Your first spelling menu is due on Thursday, August 28. The vocabulary list is Place and Location.

Learning About Muncie: (8/25,26) Print the story and read it. We will use it in class for activities.

IPA Schwa: (8/26, 27) Watch the video. We will find words in our vocabulary list that have this sound.

IPA Introduction Video: (8/27, 28) Watch the video and make sure you can recognize the 2 sounds - /a/ and /E/

Week Three

September 2-4 

(1) Vocabulary: People and Communication

(2) IPA: /E/, /I/, /i/, /ae/, /u/, /o/ and /-u-/ (book)

Assignments: Spelling list: People and Communication

Spelling Menu (9/4)

IPA: Continue to watch the IPA Vowels video to practice the vowel sounds we learned last week and the new sounds for this week.

IPA Minimal Pairs: We will work with words that sound similar, but have different vowel sounds. Look under "extra help: on the front of the class page for recordings and worksheets you can use at home.

Using the Vocabulary: Find words from the list (People and Communication) that fit in each of the following categories: 

1- me and only me

2- leadership

3- connecting with others

4- big groups

Write your own sentences for the different categories.