Tutor Pricing 

Fees are non-negotiable. In the United States, we do not typically negotiate or bargain over prices. Your tutor is a busy person and his/her time is valuable. We ask that you respect your tutor’s time and recognize that the time s/he spends with you is a service that you must pay for. This includes time spent in small talk, drinking tea, discussing cultural issues, personal issues, etc. While your tutor may become your friend, you need to recognize that friendship time is what happens outside of arranged tutoring time. Therefore, you are required to pay for the full tutoring time. Please be aware that if it is your cultural tradition to drink tea and share some snacks before beginning a lesson, this time is included in your price. For example, if you pay for a 2-hour session and spend the first 30 minutes drinking tea and making small talk, you will need to pay for a 2-hour session. Your tutor will not stay for 2 and a half hours for a 2 hour session.


Graduate student tutor = $15.00/hr

ESL professional tutor = $20.00/hr +

Other professional tutor = $20.00/hr +


Professional tutors set their own prices. We have a base minimum of $20.00 per hour, but some tutors charge more than that. We will include the exact price upon determining the best match for you.

Your tutor’s time is very valuable. Therefore, it is expected that you will honor his/her time. If you need to cancel or reschedule one of your sessions, you will need to do so at least 48 hours in advance, and it must be in agreement with your tutor. Otherwise, you will be charged for that time, even if you do not meet with your tutor.

All fees must be paid vial PayPal on this website. 

Make payments to: riverwrites@yahoo.com